About Us

Launched in 2014 as amaniestyles. In early 2015 amaniestyles.com was launched. Our target is to be one of the Malaysia's leading online store specialising in modest, MUSLIMAH AND MUSLIM FASHION. Amaniestyles also collaborates with D'HAJAZ Hijab Store in providing latest Muslimah Fashion in Malaysia.

AMANIESTYLES prides itself in providing quality products at affordable prices coupled with excellent customer service. Amaniestyles pieces are available in sizes S - 3XL. Our design team emphasizes versatility in classic cuts while staying up-to-date and incorporating current trends.AMANIESTYLES has been featured in Hijabista and DARA Magazine.

In February 2015 amaniestyles come with another product, as a reseller of PERFUME product. Amaniestyles is a store of more than 500 branded perfume products, rejected or unbox original perfume, 100% original with money back guarantee.

With this, amaniestyles began providing specially designed and carefully manufactured apparales exclusive to the amaniestyles store and providing more than 500 branded perfumes specially for their lovely customers. 

However due to certain circumstances Amaniestyles has to stop Busana dan Muslimah Apparels production and started to focus on De'xandra Perfume. Started from February 2016 our main focus just on De'xandra Perfume advertising and selling. 

Our History

Amaniestyles was regitestered in 2011, however the main business was more to bridal and wedding galore. The founder initiated to set up another business in women clothing and accesorries, therefor HANZ SOGEH ENTERPRISE was registered in 2014, Beginning from the date.... amaniestyles step forward to be resources for De'xandra Perfume selling and adverstising.

Our Team

Founder:          Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noraini Talip

Crew Member: Iman Hani Naziehah 

                      Farahana Hidayah 

Our Products

Every single product at amaniestyles must meet our strict requirements of comfort, quality and affordability. When you purchase from amaniestyles, you can be sure you will receive a high quality fashionable product that will keep you satisfied for a long time. 

Quality is our highest priority when it comes to selecting our products. Each dress is carefully screened to make sure there are no tears or any other defects before putting it up for sale. We make sure there are no discolouration, malformed shaped, overstretched fabric, tear and many more so that you will never be disappointed when it arrives to your doorstep.

Our Guarantees

Amaniestyles will adhere to the highest demands of the user experience, 100% customer satisfaction and 7 days return policy with no question asked. 
Amaniestyles provides an one-to-one exchange guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchases. Just return it to us and we will send a new one to you or convert your purchase into cash vouchers. You decide. 
Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we want you to know all your purchases are guaranteed to make you smile.

Our Achievements

January 2011- Amaniestyles was born. Main business in bridal and wedding galore

Oct 2014- First design established: ABAYA HANI AMANIE 

Nov 2014- Achieved our first 100th sales for ABAYA HANI AMANIE.

Dec 2014- Second design established; ABAYA HANA AMANIE. Achieved our first 50th sales in end of Dec 2014.

Jan 2015- Third design established: NUHA DRESS. Achieved 20th sales in early Feb 2015.

Feb 2015- Launched our online shop: amaniestyles.com

Feb 2015- Appointed as a reseller for unbox original branded perfumes (for more than 500 branded perfumes)

Mac 2015- Appointed as agent for De'xandra Perfume

April 2015- Some muslimah apparels by amaniestyles were published in DARA magazine

May 2015- Amaniestyles Kiosk at Butik Akasia, Bangi Gateway, Bangi, Selangor

Feb 2016- Amaniestyles just focus on De'xandra Perfume Advertising and Selling